Back implant that banishes pain AND keeps your spine flexible - August 22nd 2017

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IT’S no doubt changed your life.

But your smartphone could also be wrecking your posture, leaving you with “text neck”.

Yep, you heard right.

We are so addicted to our phones, so obsessed with documenting our lives on social media and staying in touch with friends, that w...

Building trust with patients and an enviable reputation in surgery.

Posture rules to follow to help your health and happiness...

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A recent study suggests that popular painkiller, such as aspirin... read article

Specialising in both the latest 'keyhole' techniques in spinal surgery and pioneering non-fuion surgery for low back disorders... read more.

With traditional over-the-counter painkillers no longer thought particularly effective in easing back pain, we asked a spinal consultant to recommend the treatments that actually work... read article

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Degenerative Disc Disease
Herniated Disc
Upper and Middle Back Pain
Spinal Fusion
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