Meet Mr Chatterjee

Mr Bob Chatterjee is a full time Specialist Consultant Spinal Surgeon practising in London.

He has undertaken a Royal College of Surgeons accredited spinal training programme in both Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery.

He undertakes all forms of spinal surgery from skull to pelvis and specialises in minimally invasive ‘keyhole surgery’ and spinal treatment in the elderly.

He is director of the Harley Street Spine and is spinal lead at The Royal Free Hospitals NHS Trust.

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My Philosophy on helping patients

“I put a great deal of emphasis on listening to my patients. The answers and diagnosis are usually apparent if one listens. Although my expertise is as a surgeon, for the benefit of my patients, I spend most of my time trying to avoid surgery. My expertise allows me to perform surgeries through ‘keyhole’ incisions when possible allowing a quicker recovery and significantly less discomfort.